Good Spa Cover


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Our Continuous Hinge Seal prevents heat loss where the two halves fold together. When the Cover is shut, the two halves seal automatically, which is critical to long-term energy savings.

Our Spa Covers are wrapped in a 4 mil polyethylene plastic that is heat and tape sealed to keep out moisture. When selecting the Double Wrapped option, you get two wraps of 4 mil, totaling 8 mil.

Our special reflective liner, acts like a heat-reflective mirror. Radiant heat, which would otherwise escape and be wasted, is reflected back down into the spa water.

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Good Spa Cover

  • 1.0 lb. Density Foam
  • R-14 Insulating Value
  • 50 lbs. per side/100 lbs. total weight capacity
  • 4” to 2” Taper or 3” Flat Core (Taper allows for rain run-off)

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Rounded Square / Rectangle, Four Cut Corners, Two Cut Corners, One Cut Corner, Circle, Octagon, Three Cut Corners, Square, Rectangle, Two Cut & Two Rounded, Eliptical


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